Alternatives of Google Play app store (former Android market)

Google Play Alternatives and Similar SoftwaresAlternatives of Google Play app store


Currently AppBrain is the best alternative of Google Play. It has decent number of apps available. AppBrain works same as Google Play store (Former Android market) and you they have categorized their Apps in various categories.

Price Of premium apps in AppBrain is same as Google Play store. Some times Apps in AppBrain are cheaper than Google Play store.



F-Droid is an app store for free and open source Android apps. It contains most of the free Android apps in it’s database and you can download and install those apps easily.F-Droid also provide updates for those apps.


Amazon Appstore:

Amazon appStore is a place to purchase and download app for your Android Smartphone/Tablet. Amazon offers both paid and free apps. A good advantage Amazon AppStore is everyday it provide  Paid apps for free.



AndAppStore is a non Google Application Directory, having a good amount of Android apps and Games.



Market-Enabler is an application for your android phone. Some times certain apps and games are distributed in certain country, and Market-Enabler app allows you to fake your phone Location.


Some More Google Play Alternative

  • Chomp
  • Applanet
  • appESP
  • AndroidPIT

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