Download Google play Store APK v3.4.7

Google play Store APK v3.4.7

Today Google has Released an update bringing the Play Store to v3.4.7 resolving those Motorola support issues. It’s previous version v3.4.6 had some support issue with Motorola. As Motorola is owned by Google, so it solved this issue quickly and released Play Store to v3.4.7.

Download Google play Store APK v3.4.7

Download – Play Store v3.4.7 From here.

Google play Store APK v3.4.7 Preview screenshot

Google Play 1

Google Play 2Google Play 3

How to install Google play Store APK v3.4.7

Just download the app from the above link and transfer it to your mobile(if needed).

After that go to application settings and select allow unknown sources.

Now Browse to your downloaded APK file using a file manager and install it.

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  1. I agree with you. At first I also dislike it. But now I used to it and prefer it use it to everyone. You are right people refuse anythings new at first time but as they get used to it, they prefer to stay.

  2. i have a android tablet version 2.1 it dont have google play on it ,is there any where i can go to download the right soft ware,or can i just update my tablet to 2.2 or higher my model number is ebw404b


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