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Easy App Lock- Android App LockerEasy App Lock is an application administrator that will help anyone to improve their gadget
Very first time you start Easy App Lock it requests you to perform a "Quick Scan". It monitors your installed application offers you back helpful info regarding your applications: applications startup, cache (MB), backup copies discovered, app2sd applications, etc. When you touch "Optimize" it instantly washes your cache, back up as well as sort out your applications making your system work better.
Nevertheless, it is possible to manually carry out this along with other things (root systems get access to a broader selection of features). You can include a secure code to the applications you desire: for instance, if you do not wish your gallery to become available to anyone who takes hold of your cell phone, you are able to place a security password. Similar process with other applications. You may also sort out your applications from "App arrangement" just by making new groups and directories and including there your applications. You can even thoroughly clean cache, uninstall, control app, app2SD and backup manually.
One of many functions all of us enjoyed most is "App optimization" through where one can switch off startup applications (only root). A number of them although must be released at start to operate correctly, therefore be cautious using this.
Regardless of its name that is a little bit perplexing, it is a extensive application manager with both automated as well as manual functions to enhance your device overall performance.

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You can download Easy App Lock android app free from Google Play. Download Easy App Lock from here.

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