Google Play Expands Carrier billing on Sprint carrier

Google play introduced Carrier Billing on starting of this month with selected services on it. From the first day there only carrier billing for android app was available in Sprint carrier.Now Google play is expanding it’s Carrier Billing Options To Include Books, Movies, And Music On Sprint.Google Play Expands Carrier billing on Sprint carrier

Now from today Sprint users can charge their sprint carrier account to buy books, music, and movies. Carrier billing significantly reduces Google’s effort as this bypasses Credit card processing and it’s associated fees.

Carrier billing also handy for those users who doesn’t have any credit card, it also reduces your risk of credit card fraud (Lol)

Google play haven’t launched Carrier billing for Verizon. Hope that Google will add Verizon soon.

3 thoughts on “Google Play Expands Carrier billing on Sprint carrier”

  1. They better add it for verizon soon! Eh… or do it the illegal way, if that’s what google would like its minor aged users to do. No hastle to me of cource. I’ve got multiple sources. But hey. I got no credit card, so buy not have an option for verizon users they are only bringing it upon themselves. Ohkiedoke.

  2. I like it will be Android based music player – it means you can use it NOT only for lntseniig to music and watching video files but for games and other interesting applications provided by Android 2.1))


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