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Talking Tom Cat free

Talking Tom Cat freeDid you always wanted a cat? And do you also like parrot? Guess what, we have a cat that can mimic you like a parrot. Introducing Talking Tom Cat who will respond to your touches and will repeat whatever you say. And he will repeat it in a funny voice that will be you want to hear him again and again. Users say that the feature to pet the cat and even grab the tail in the middle is what has made them addicted to this app.

Some of the new features of the app are that it has a new gallery with a lot of user created videos that will make you laugh for sure. Also, the developers have included more colors for the buttons and the refreshed app icon has made beautifully for your pleasure.

Talking Tom Cat Preview

Talking Tom Cat Preview (1)  Talking Tom Cat Preview (1)   Talking Tom Cat Preview (2)

Download Talking Tom Cat free from Google Play store

Download this impressive app (Talking Tom Cat) free from Android market (Google Play store). Just go to this link.

There one Paid version of Talking Tom Cat app is also available in the market.

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